• Training Equipment

  • With nearly 70 years of experience, CAE offers innovative training solutions, underpinned by the industry’s largest simulator installed base and a world-class customer support organization.

    CAE’s innovative XR Series training equipment suite provides high fidelity technology and the right training tools to support the training deliver needs of airlines worldwide.

  • Full-Flight Simulators

    Full-Flight Simulators - preview

    CAE provides the most innovative full-flight simulators (FFS), including the latest CAE 7000XR Series Level D FFS, offering advanced flight training technology for initial, recurrent type rating and specialty training. Experience operational realism and attain best-in-class proficiency level.

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  • Ground School Training

    Ground School Training

    CAE ground school training solutions, including CAE Simfinity XR Series, allow for a structured and engaging approach to cockpit familiarisation, aircraft systems knowledge and FMS Skills. Learn theory with sophisticated self-paced and classroom technology.

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  • Flight Training Devices

    Flight Training Devices - Pod

    CAE flight training devices (FTD), including the latest CAE 400XR Series and CAE 500XR Series, provide an optimised us of training time for normal and abnormal procedures, ground operations and in-flight training. Practice essential skills in a realistic virtual environment.

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  • Equipment Support

    Equipment Support

    CAE’s comprehensive training solutions allow airlines and operators to maintain training assets, upgrade to the latest fleet standard, and operate training centre with peace of mind.

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