• Air - Simulation Products


    There is only one truly global company focused exclusively on training and simulation for both the military and civil markets. CAE is well known around the world as a leading provider of flight simulation products and services and for almost seven decades has maintained its reputation for technology leadership and innovation specific to training and simulation.

    CAE designs and develops some of the most advanced simulation, training and mission rehearsal systems, including a comprehensive suite of simulation products for all types of military aircraft platforms, including combat aircraft, lead-in fighter trainers, special mission platforms such as maritime patrol aircraft, tanker/transport aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  Our flight simulation products have been provided to more than 50 governments and militaries around the world.  Continuous investment in research and development produces simulation-based products and solutions that are recognized as the benchmark in the industry and help ensure our military customers are efficient, cost-effective and above all, mission-ready.

  • Pilot Training Systems

    As defence and security forces around the world prepare to extend their use of simulation-based training to prepare their aircrews for the highest levels of mission readiness; CAE remains uniquely focused in offering the most current and extensive integrated range of simulation solutions that are designed to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness...

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  • Maintenance Training Systems

    CAE has developed blended maintenance training solutions that combine simulation-based instruction and courseware with hands-on hardware-based trainers. Our suite of military maintenance training solutions can help provide a more realistic and practical training experience in the classroom, at home, or on the job... 

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  • Operational Systems

    CAE offers some unique products and solutions that we categorize as operational systems, such as magnetic anomaly detection systems. These products integrate CAE's core technologies to provide customers with the most valuable information, updated in real-time...

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  • Rear Crew Training Systems

    CAE’s rear crew training systems replicate back-end tactical stations of a military aircraft, providing tactical and sensor crews with high-fidelity mission training.  CAE’s rear crew training systems include: Fuselage trainers (Loadmaster); Weapons Tactics Trainers; Aeromedical Evacuation Training Systems; Tactical Mission Trainers...

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  • Immersive environments

    CAE offers a wide range of synthetic environment and visual solutions that help deliver state-of-the-art-training to ensure mission readiness for military forces around the globe.  CAE’s synthetic environment and visual solutions are recognized as the benchmark for the most demanding military training applications where realism and visual...

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  • Air Traffic Control Training Systems

    CAE provides air traffic control (ATC) simulation devices to support the training of procedures for air traffic controllers, assistants, radar operators and radio phraseology...


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