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    Increased operational tempos combined with limited personnel, environmental concerns and budget pressures have prompted defence and security forces around the world to seek reliable partners who can help develop, manage and deliver the training systems required to support today’s complex weapons platforms. It has never been more important for defence forces to seriously consider a more integrated and “holistic” approach to training. At CAE, we call this Training Systems Integration (TSI).

    For customers within the air domain, CAE delivers comprehensive, integrated training solutions that encapsulate all facets of training systems integration to maximize commonality for increased efficiencies; produce significant cost savings; and most importantly, enhance the capability for mission preparedness.

    CAE provides customers with a more unified and all-inclusive approach to training by looking at the entire spectrum of the training enterprise.  CAE addresses the overall live-virtual-constructive (LVC) domain to deliver comprehensive training – from ab initio and undergraduate individual training all the way through to operational, multi-service and joint mission training.  CAE partners with defence and security customers to develop and deliver turnkey training solutions, including: training needs analysis, media evaluation and optimization, knowledge and skills transfer, instructional systems design, courseware, training devices, instruction, learning management information systems, facilities, maintenance support services, logistics support, configuration management, technology insertion, and even financing.

    CAE is uniquely qualified to offer broad experience encompassing every aspect of training systems integration, a global support footprint, and a heritage of unparalleled training technology innovation – all from the perspective of an “honest broker” that is independent from the weapons platform for which training is required. CAE can offer a turnkey training solution featuring:

    • Performance-based service delivery;  
    • Training on a fee-for-service basis; 
    • Lower overall training system costs;  
    • Improved training relevancy;   
    • Financing alternatives. 


  • Flight Training Organization

    It is the aim of every defence organization to have capable and proficient pilots joining their ranks after initial training, and ready to proceed to training on the operational aircraft they will be assigned to fly. Developing the skills required of a military pilot is becoming more complex and expensive as increasingly sophisticated systems are introduced into today’s modern aircraft... 

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  • Training Centres

    Through CAE's global network of military, civil aviation and helicopter training centres, we train more than 120,000 crewmembers yearly. As one of the world's leading independent training providers, CAE is a company with the experience, expertise, knowledge, suite of simulation products, and service delivery capabilities to provide defence and security forces with a turnkey training service...

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