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  • Today's armies operate more sophisticated, complex and networked weapon systems than ever before, but their challenges continue to grow and evolve in an era of persistent conflict, hybrid threats, and resource constraints. Within the digitized battle space, command and control systems have become important tactical enablers, and to get the most from these tools, our customers need integrated solutions to maximize the potential of the human in command/in-the-loop. Sophisticated weapons systems, joint and coalition operations, strategic squad, and stability and reconstruction operations are commonplace. Coupled with the increased emphasis on collective and combined arms operations, the technical, information processing, and decision-making challenges place unique demands on training your ground forces at all levels for full spectrum operations.

    CAE is uniquely qualified to handle your land-based training systems integration needs. From integrating best-in-class technologies and rapidly creating stand-alone applications to the networking of advanced weapons simulators operating in an interactive multi-spectral threat environment, we have earned our reputation as a leader in training and simulation. With approximately 8,000 people in over 35 countries around the globe, our experience, simulation technology, and focus ensure we address all your training objectives and provide best value. The result is a training enterprise that will play a key role in the mission readiness of your ground forces.


    As a globally acknowledged training systems integrator (TSI), CAE is uniquely qualified to handle land-based modelling, simulation, training and mission rehearsal needs. From standalone applications to the networking of advanced weapons simulators operating in an interactive threat environment...

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    Today, modern armies are increasing their focus on enhancing the tactical skills that integrate intelligence, firepower and manoeuvre in highly complex operations across a difficult battlespace.  For ground forces worldwide, immersive training is becoming critical...

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    Armies around the world are today more than ever facing budgetary constraints, human resource shortages, new threats, more complex weapon systems, evolving operational doctrines, and shifting priorities, and these issues sometimes result in less-than-ideal training capabilities...

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