• Land - Simulation Products

  • Today, modern armies are increasing their focus on enhancing the tactical skills that integrate intelligence, firepower and manoeuvre in highly complex operations across a difficult battlespace.  For ground forces worldwide, immersive training is becoming critical to acquiring the necessary skills to act instinctively and intuitively in a high functioning collaborative environment.

    For almost three decades, CAE has been providing advanced land training solutions to armies around the world.  Our comprehensive training and simulation product portfolio covers land training applications based on the philosophy of providing highly realistic, cost-effective training solutions tailored to our customer's specific requirements through close collaboration and liaison with the end user. CAE offers a wide range of land systems trainers such as command, control, and communications; forward observation; air defence; armoured vehicle drivers and gunners; and command and staff training. These training systems have been helping prepare ground forces and their commanders to accomplish a range of missions on today's battlefield.


    CAE is a leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) crews, including drivers, gunner/operators and commanders. These training systems are instrumental in helping tank/AFV crews prepare, practice and rehearse.... 

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  • Command and Staff Training Systems

    Modern operations require commanders and their staff more than ever to analyze complex data that is received from different sources, with different precision, and different validity, and to make decisions based on this data faster than ever...

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    CAE offers a wide range of synthetic environment and visual solutions that help deliver state-of-the-art-training to ensure mission readiness for military forces around the globe.  CAE’s synthetic environment and visual solutions are recognized as the benchmark... 

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    CAE has extensive experience providing simulation-based training solutions for command, control and communications; forward observation; air defence; armoured vehicle drivers and gunners; and command and staff training.... 

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    For years, military maintenance training has been a collection of classrooms, static displays, view graphs, and on-the-job training. However, changing demographics, next-generation learning methodologies, and cost-effectiveness are forcing military organizations to .... 

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