• Naval

  • Naval personnel operate highly sophisticated systems in complex environments supporting naval-specific and joint, interagency and multinational operations. Navies play a variety of roles such as patrolling and defending national maritime shorelines, battling modern day pirates at sea, surveillance, deterrence, peace keeping, as well as supporting joint and coalition operations on a regional and global scale. Effective training and mission rehearsal across the full spectrum of naval operations are crucial to mission success.

    Operational effectiveness depends on proficient and coordinated use of all maritime systems across the naval enterprise. Advanced training techniques and technologies are used by leading navies around the world to develop highly competent and focused sailors, officers and commanders. All crew personnel must operate cohesively as members of an integrated force to ensure the common goal of mission success is achieved.

    With nearly 70 years’ experience in the training and simulation industry, CAE continues to evolve in response to customers’ unique requirements.  We are now a globally recognized training systems integrator that offers navies comprehensive, turnkey training solutions, including purpose-built naval training centres. Our portfolio of products and services combined with CAE’s proven learning methodologies provide the foundation for delivering every element of basic and advanced naval operations training, mission planning and mission rehearsal. No other company has the breadth of experience applying simulation-based solutions to training, thus helping prepare naval forces for their mission.

    CAE’s technology leadership, proven capabilities, experience and key partnerships place us in a unique position to be a partner of choice for navies around the world. We are able to deliver integrated naval training solutions that are flexible, modular and scalable. Our training solutions are capable of being deployed and networked across training facilities, and distributed to warships at sea and ashore. CAE is a world-class training systems integrator that can plan, deliver and operate comprehensive training solutions. CAE is the ideal global training partner of choice to help our naval customers enhance safety, efficiency and readiness.

  • Training Centres

    Increased operational tempos combined with limited personnel, environmental concerns and budget pressures have prompted defence and security forces around the world to seek reliable partners who can help develop, manage and deliver the training systems required to support sophisticated naval systems. 

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  • Simulation/Operational Products

    CAE has thousands of engineers and technical personnel around the world focused on delivering innovative and leading-edge simulation-based solutions. Using synthetic training environments, naval forces will be able to enhance communications, situational awareness and decision-making. 

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  • Training Services

    CAE’s team of experts have the knowledge and skills required to deliver training and in-service support services to naval forces. As a training system integrator, CAE’s offering includes professional and support services such as project management, training and courseware development, integrated learning management systems,...

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