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  • Governments at all levels face a multitude of social, political, economic and environmental issues. National security, public safety, a well-functioning society and a healthy economy are all top-priorities for governments around the world to ensure the well-being of their populations. This seemingly simple objective comes with highly complex problems to solve for nations and its citizens. Natural disasters, accidental and human-made catastrophes, and overall public safety and security, including public health and medical response, are all areas where response time is highly critical. There is little margin for error when it comes to saving lives. Disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes; the release of toxic chemicals and biological contaminations; or oil and gas spills can all have catastrophic consequences to the people and infrastructure of the affected region. These emergencies require well-coordinated actions to be taken within and between government agencies, defence forces, health agencies and emergency management organizations at the regional, national and often at the international level.

    CAE's comprehensive portfolio of simulation and operational products can help our customers mitigate, better prepare for, respond to and recover from disastrous events. We provide leading-edge products such as decision support solutions to help decision-makers make well-informed decisions for increased emergency response efficiency, integrated solutions for teams training in collaboration, and a wide range of training systems to help ensure your teams are well-trained and ready to save lives. Our vision is to be the global training partner of choice to help our customers enhance safety, improve efficiency, and maintain readiness.

  • Decision Support Solutions

    Training and preparation are essential for first response decision-makers to make well-informed decisions so that first response teams can take timely and appropriate actions in a coordinated effort. With traditional exercise-based ...

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  • Training Systems

    CAE partners with public safety customers to address specific requirements to fully integrate legacy or planned third-party training systems, simulators and courseware. As a training systems integrator, CAE has existing industry ...

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  • Integrated Solutions

    CAE’s integrated solutions offer virtual and operational environments that provide a holistic approach to answering the training requirements of our public safety and emergency management customers. These environments ...

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  • CAE Healthcare

    CAE Healthcare is a division of CAE, a global leader in delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets. CAE founded CAE Healthcare in 2010 with a mission to leverage best ...

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