• Simulation Products & Solutions

  • There is only one truly global company focused exclusively on modeling, simulation and training for both the military and civil markets. For almost seven decades, CAE has maintained its reputation for technology leadership and innovation specific to modeling, simulation and training. We design and develop some of the most advanced modelling, simulation, training and mission rehearsal systems for a range of weapon systems, including military aircraft, land forces, unmanned systems, and more. Continuous investment in research and development produces simulation-based products and solutions that are recognized as the benchmark in the industry and help ensure our military customers are efficient, cost-effective and above all, mission-ready.

  • Flight Training Systems

    CAE is well known around the world as a leading provider of flight simulation products and services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of simulation products for all types of military aircraft platforms, including combat aircraft, lead-in fighter trainers, special...

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  • Modelling and Simulation Solutions

    CAE offers a full spectrum of modelling and simulation solutions to support client programs as they plan and test their capability development and acquisition strategies, prepare for operations, and deploy their resources. Our modelling and simulation solutions can be easily...

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  • UAS Mission Solutions

    As a leading provider of modelling and simulation solutions, CAE has developed competencies and leading-edge technologies that are directly applicable to a range of UAS operations.  CAE offers UAS mission training solutions, comprehensive in-service support solutions, and is developing the capability to offer commercial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) services using unmanned systems... 

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  • Visual and Database Solutions

    CAE offers a wide range of visual solutions delivering state-of-the-art-training that help ensure mission readiness for military forces around the globe. CAE visual systems are recognized as the benchmark for the most demanding military training applications where visual...

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  • Commercial Software

    In 2007, CAE unveiled its new commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modelling, simulation and embedded graphics software company called Presagis. Presagis is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of CAE and brings together the industry's leading modelling and simulation...

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  • Land Training Systems

    Today's armies operate more sophisticated, complex and networked weapon systems than ever before, but their challenges continue to grow and evolve in an era of persistent conflict, hybrid threats, demands, and resource constraints.

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  • Public Safety and Security

    Emergency preparedness and crisis management have become priorities for governments, critical infrastructure owners, and industry to mitigate the risks of threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, man-made disasters, and other disruptions to operations....

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  • Naval Training Systems

    CAE's action speed tactical trainer (ASTT) is a comprehensive simulation-based system that facilitates the conduct of realistic naval operations training. The ASTT comprises a network of computers used as player workstations, and game control stations. The player...

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  • Operational Systems

    CAE’s Augmented Visionics System (AVS), Volume-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (VISR) and Magnetic Anomaly Detection Extended Role (MAD-XR) are part of a new line of products developed by CAE with internal R&D funding, applying modelling and simulation technology...

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  • Technology Solutions

    CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group has developed a series of technology solutions to support client programs as they plan and test their capability development and acquisition strategies, prepare for operations, and deploy their resources...

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