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  • In 2007, CAE unveiled its new commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modelling, simulation and embedded graphics software company called Presagis.

    Modelling and Simulation:

    Presagis is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of CAE and brings together the industry's leading modelling and simulation technology into a single, pre-integrated suite of off-the-shelf software.

    The company was formed following CAE's acquisition of three industry-leading companies: Engenuity Technologies, MultiGen-Paradigm, and TERREX. By integrating the powerful products created by these companies with CAE technology, Presagis was launched to bring innovative and integrated solutions to the aerospace and defence market. Industry leading product brands such as Creator, STAGE, Terra Vista, VAPS XT, and Vega Prime, as well as industry accepted standards including OpenFlight and TerraPage, form the foundation of the Presagis product portfolio.

    Embedded Graphics:

    More recently, Seaweed Systems Inc. was acquired to add further value to Presagis customers in the embedded graphics solutions market for mission-critical display applications. Presagis now offers market leading human-machine interface (HMI) graphical modelling tools (VAPS and VAPS XT), as well as SeaWind drivers and devices that produce state-of-the-art graphics and highly optimized code for both PC and embedded systems.

    The Presagis mission
    The Presagis mission is to help organizations in aerospace and defence, as well as other industries, to improve productivity and efficiency, and speed their time to market, by reducing the effort they spend on tool integration and interoperability and to increase the resources they can allocate to the development of applications.. Presagis maintains a strong focus on industry standards to ensure the company delivers pre-integrated, interoperable, off-the-shelf software and related services to help customers reduce their program and development risks while also reducing their cost.

    For more information on Presagis and its products, please visit www.presagis.com



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