• Operational Systems

  • CAE’s Augmented Visionics System (AVS), Volume-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (VISR) and Magnetic Anomaly Detection Extended Role (MAD-XR) are part of a new line of products developed by CAE with internal R&D funding, applying modelling and simulation technology to the benefit of the operational community. These products integrate the core technologies of CAE’s image generation and common database to provide Commanders with the most valuable information, updated in real-time, significantly improving efficiency and safety of personnel and equipment.

  • Magnetic Anomaly Detection

    CAE is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) systems. CAE has been designing MAD systems for over 40 years and has delivered over 2,000 MAD systems and equipment to military forces around the world.

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  • CAE Volume-Based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (VISR) System

    CAE’s volume-based intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (VISR) system is a platform-independent system that provides increased situational awareness by identifying surface-laid improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or suspicious activity through an automated real-time...

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  • Augmented Visionics System

    CAE's augmented visionics system (AVS) addresses a pilot's loss of visual cues on landing and takeoff due to recirculation effects of sand, dust, snow or other obscurants. These effects are commonly known as "brownout" or "whiteout" to pilots. In these conditions...

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