• Technology Solutions

  • CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group has developed a series of technology solutions to support client programs as they plan and test their capability development and acquisition strategies, prepare for operations, and deploy their resources. These customizable tool suites provide clients with a simulation-based analysis, training, and operational capability for improved planning and decision making.

  • Automated After Action Review

    CAE PowerSTRIPES is an automated after action review (AAR) tool suite for observing, recording, and reviewing simulation exercises. By incorporating planning, data logging, and replay with unprecedented authoring functionalities, CAE PowerSTRIPES is CAE's complete...

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  • Tactical Scenario Planner

    CAE PowerTACTICS is a Microsoft PowerPoint®-based military tactical scenario planner that allows both novice and experienced training developers to efficiently and effectively design and develop simulation scenarios in a familiar environment.

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