CAE's Board of Directors and management team take pride in knowing that CAE has maintained the highest standards in corporate governance throughout its 70-year history. CAE's corporate governance is rooted in the basic principle that proper and ethical practices lead to the creation and preservation of shareholder value. Shareholders are encouraged to view the downloadable documents below for a detailed view of CAE's corporate governance structure.

    Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF - 172 KB) Summary of significant ways that CAE practices differ from governance requirements of U.S. domestic companies under the NYSE listing standards (PDF - 80 KB) General By-laws (PDF - 1.18 MB) Certificate of Amalgamation (PDF - 724 KB) Shareholder Protection Rights Plan Agreement (PDF - 396 KB)

    To download the Proxy Information Circular click here. To download the Employee Stock Option Plan click here.

    Board Committee Mandates

    Audit Committee (PDF - 43 KB) Governance Committee (PDF - 99 KB) Human Resources Committee (PDF - 105 KB)

    Position descriptions

    CEO (PDF - 62 KB) Chairman of the Board of Directors (PDF - 51 KB) Chairman of the Audit Committee (PDF - 26 KB) Chairman of the Governance Committee (PDF - 26 KB) Chairman of the HR Committee (PDF - 11 KB)  


    Code of Business Conduct
    CAE's long standing reputation for conducting its local and international business with the highest ethical standards has earned it the trust of its customers, suppliers and investors as well as that of the general public.

    CAE is committed to conducting its business in accordance with these standards and requires that all of its employees, as well as individuals and organizations working on its behalf, strictly adhere to these standards.

    The CAE Code of Business Conduct outlines CAE's minimum position and expectations regarding appropriate corporate and individual conduct. The Code is intended to provide general guidance as to acceptable behaviour. It is intended to supplement and not to supersede existing corporate policies, company standard practices or additional legal requirements related to specific business activities. This Code outlines the standards that must be respected by CAE, its directors, its employees as well as those individuals or organizations working on CAE's behalf and sets the tone for appropriate conduct. It does not address every situation or potential issue and relies upon each individual to use his or her common sense in an honest and conscientious manner.

    Integrity, trust and respect are foremost amongst CAE's corporate values.


    Code of Business Conduct in other languages


    Anti-Corruption Measures

    CAE’s also addresses the issue of corruption in the following two sections of the Corporate Policies and Procedures (CP&P)

    Anti-Corruption Policy (PDF - 764 Kb) Charitable and Political Contributions (PDF - 25Kb)

    Policy against harassment
    The purpose of this policy is to implement measures for preventing and countering harassment and violence. Its goal is also to maintain a healthy working environment and harmonious relations.

    Policy against harassment (PDF - 188 KB)

    CAE is an equal opportunity employer. At CAE, we want every employee to work in a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in achieving business success, and is valued for the distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives they bring to the table.

    Having diverse employees and partners throughout our locations is vital to provide sustainable products and services to our clients originating from more than 150 countries.

    To ensure that CAE’s operations run consistently, the company employs a number of additional corporate programs and policies. These are intended to provide appropriate levels of control as well as autonomy for key leaders across the worldwide business divisions and cover all issues including strict processes for disclosure of information.


    Corporate social responsibility

    CAE is committed to maintaining the highest standards in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. For more information on CAE’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, click the link below.

    CAE Annual Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility Report* (PDF - 18.8 MB)

    *This PDF contains interactive features that must be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader to function properly.
    Click on « Save as », and retrieve the file on your computer. Then right click on it and go to “Open with”, and then choose “Acrobat Reader”.
    If you don’t have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

    Employee engagement
    The management team meets regularly with employees to communicate the company’s strategies and progress. Global management meetings are held every quarter to review financial results and the strategy forward. Many Vice-Presidents and Directors do the same at a more focused level through employee meetings. CAE employees are encouraged at each one of these sessions to ask questions and provide comments.

    Supplier engagement
    CAE’s Supplier Quality Manual (SQM) is intended to facilitate supplier compliance with CAE requirements, assist in the processing of enquiries, and improve communication between CAE and its suppliers. It is part of CAE’s continuing effort to meet the objectives of the company’s quality policy through improvement of supplier quality processes. CAE’s quality policy is to align all elements of the organization on consistent delivery of world-class products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and to promote a culture of continuous improvement built on effective processes.

    The principal objective of the SQM’s Process Control is to ensure that changes to manufacturing or processing operations of parts will yield components equal to those which previously satisfied CAE’s requirements. CAE also evaluates its suppliers through its comprehensive Quality Assurance Facility Survey Report.

    Conflict minerals policy
    CAE’s policy is to not use Conflict Minerals originating from the Covered Countries in, or to produce, our products. A copy of CAE’s Conflict Minerals policy is here:

    Conflict Minerals Policy (PDF - 406 KB)
    Conflict Minerals Report (PDF - 132 KB)

    Monitoring tools

    • CAE’s anonymous and confidential reporting tool, EthicsPoint, communicates misconduct and promotes a positive work environment. Addressing misconduct and other concerns in the work place early on helps minimize negative morale issues and financial impact to our company, employees, vendors and clients. EthicsPoint makes reports available only to specific individuals within the company who are charged with evaluating the type of violation and location of the incident. Each of these report recipients has had training in keeping these reports in the utmost confidence. The EthicsPoint system and staff are committed to ensure that no report is ever shared with implicated parties, their peers, or subordinates. CAE will not tolerate any punitive action being taken against an employee for making a good faith report of a violation of this Code.
    • CAE’s Health and Safety management system and resources are in place to prevent and minimize work-related accidents, and to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and current legislation. This system allows for the continuous improvement of its health and safety practices.


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