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  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  • The Terms and Conditions differ from one country to another. The Purchase Order indicates the proper selection.

    Ces conditions sont variables selon le pays. Le bon de commande indique celles qui s’y appliquent.

    Los Términos y Condiciones difieren de un país a otro. La Orden de Compra indica la selección adecuada.

    De INKOOPORDER VOORWAARDEN kunnen per land verschillen. De toepasselijke versie wordt aangegeven in de inkooporder.

    Canada: Français (PDF) English (PDF)

    USA: English (PDF)

    Australia: English (PDF)

    Europe: English (PDF)

    India: English (PDF)

    New Zealand: English (PDF)

    United Arab Emirates: English (PDF)

    United Kingdom: English (PDF)

    International Offsets and Industrial Cooperation

    CAE is always on the lookout for qualified suppliers and business partners, big or small, with a drive to provide unparalleled goods and services. CAE’s Offset and Industrial Cooperation group has the mandate to act as a liaison between the interested suppliers and CAE’s internal organization.

    Through CAE’s regional investment programs and offset obligations, your firm could be located in an area of interest and be providing goods and/or services that CAE is looking for. If you think that your business is well positioned to offer the best value for its products, please contact us using the link indicated below.

    Click here to download the form (PDF)



    Hélène V. Gagnon
    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5536
    Pascale Alpha
    Director, Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5475

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